RCD work 20180609

What is RCD

RCD is a device that protects you from getting a fatal electric shock from live electrical assets. Unfortunately, there are some homes that don’t have them installed or have only some parts RCD’ed.

Oe of our RCD calls – Case study

We were called in to install one in a flat before ventilation was setup in the home. The house had some bits RCD’ed but to ensure that the vent specialists did not get into any problems that will get the owner into serious trouble, we had to make sure the whole place had RCD. Now we could have got a brand new installation, that would have cost more and taken us less time. However, mindful of costs for the owner, we agreed, making sure that they will end up with the best of both worlds, to install what was needed in only the parts that needed it, saving her some one hundred pounds, although taking us more time, because the old installation was trickily set up. In the end, all was cleared out, installed as needed and in spite of the time it took, we were happy to make yet another satisfied client and a job well done and worth our time.